How To Win Friends And Influence People-Dale Carnegie

So the reading is all about how to win others’ heart and influence their soul by your character. And there are so many ways that are discussed in the book but I will be focusing on how to make friends.

Before I tell you the answer, first you people tell me, what do you think that one should do to win friends? Whether one should be interested or interesting?

So the answer is to be interesting, you have to be interested. It is a human nature that if you show interest in someone, he will feel special and automatically you will become interesting.

And to support my answer, I wanna share a few interesting examples that will surely make some sense.

Once New York Telephone Company recorded most used word in a day and they came up with the conclusion that “I” is used 3900 times in 500 telephone conversations. Also whenever you look at a group photograph, firstly you try to track yourself. This shows that human nature is very selfish and they don’t have any interest in others. And to make them interesting, you have to be interested in them.

So you can make more friends in two months by becoming genuinely interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.

There are many examples quoted to support the fact like, “No one likes the stories of an author if he is not interested in his audience. So to become a successful writer, you must be interested in your audience.”

Howard Thurston, a successful magician shared the reason of his success and the reason is that he is genuinely interested in his audience. He had never used to say that there are many suckers out there and a bunch of hicks and I will fool them all rather he used to say “I am grateful because these people come to see me, they make it possible for me to make my living in a very agreeable way. I am going to give them the very best I possibly can.” This shows that he really respect and love his audience.

George Dyke got retired and after that he started playing music on his old fiddle. He got so much indulged in that his interest made him so famous and he was known as “Uncle George, the fiddle scraper from Kinzua country.”

And there were many others like Roosevelt, who love his workers and that was the reason that everyone love him. Also C. M Knaphle, who was very gentle in his sales and got many contracts due to his interest in others.

So if you want to make friends, you have to do things for them with unselfishness and you have to be interested in them. This is shown in the following picture that if others are not even interested in you, you must have to show your interest to win theirs.

So the only principle is that to make more friends, you have to be interested in them.

And I has the same experience while doing me challenge, I sent more than 100 texts to different people including friends, relatives and teachers. And I was a very interesting challenge that everyone was asking “Bhai kya ho gya h tje?” And I also received a call from my friend.

Though it was quite funny too but I felt so bad that how selfish we are as I came to know that one of my school friend’s mother left the world a few months ago and I was unaware of that. We are so busy in securing our future that we even don’t know what is happening with our close friends and relatives. I don’t mind if you do hard work for your future, do it, but please make sure don’t miss the important bonus points to collect in the race of life and those are you relations with others.

Due to this challenge, I talked to many friends, specially old ones and it really made my day very special. And I have done many meetings with teachers and friends in the upcoming week. That’s really amazing!

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