Experience with Name.com Hosting

So, I bought a hosting and domain package from name.com and bought their Unbelievable Plan. Worst experience ever. They don’t have technical support (they say they have but seriously they don’t have any technical person sitting). They don’t have live chat or 24hrs support. I have 1 issue with my database and only the technical person can resolve my problem but i failed to make them understand what i want because they don’t know what is phpmyadmin? what is mysql etc etc. You can call them from 8 to 6. Otherwise you can only contact them through email which they can reply after 1 or 2 days. Also I ask them to enable ssh access but they are not enabling it. 😏 they need my ID card information to just open the ssh access. Every time i try to do something name.com won’t allow me to do anything. Shitty hosting service by name.com.

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