Advice to my 13-year-old self
Erica Avey

As a mom of a girl who started puberty at 8.5 and who got her period at 10.5, I think it is really important to communicate that this process starts over a wide range of ages.

The world of a 10 year old and a 13 year old are vastly different. Puberty is arriving far earlier than ever before and so it would be great if Clue could be on the leading edge by providing guidance and support for the early girls. Think about how your blog might be read by a 10 year old.

Case in point. How many elementary school girls bathrooms do you think have receptacles in the toilets for sanitary pads and tampons? Not many as we found out. Out of the gate these young girls are made to feel even more different than everyone else. While they are incredibly brave and learn to deal with the situation it is not easy.

Mentally they are in a totally different state. Unlike 13 year olds they are still little girls in mind, but just not in body. Help them stay young by providing support appropriate for a young child. It would be great if you had an early teen app that would allow you to turn off the sexual activity log. At 10 years this is a little too much information.


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