This year, NVIDIA has made GTC free. If you’ve never visited the GTC Conference before — you should know that this is one of the biggest AI events, if not the biggest one.

This spring, they will have hundreds of online sessions, so it may be really difficult to find the most interesting one.

So, I did my own research on applying AI to manufacturing and prepared my top list that I would highly recommend you to watch. I hope this will save you some time.

I have added links so you can easily jump to a page with a…

Palo Alto, Calif., March 16th, 2021

Data Monsters, a Palo Alto-based R&D lab, has announced that the company has become an Elite Service Delivery Partner within the NVIDIA Partner Network (NPN).

Data Monsters has provided professional services in AI development since 2008 for companies in the industrial, ed-tech, retail, financial, and IT verticals.

“It’s mind-blowing how fast AI is advancing. The same AI models that required several weeks of training two years ago, can now be trained on the fly, on the cutting-edge, thanks to new computing technologies,” said Dr. Artemy Malkov, Chief Executive Officer at Data Monsters. “This year…

by Artemy Malkov, PhD

Hundreds of thousands of companies and startups (including your company as I may imagine) start their research projects in AI, ML, product and market research, etc.

Research projects are ones with extreme uncertainty. You collect data, validate hypotheses, make decisions, pivot, and try again. More than 95% of research projects fail. Hopefully, yours is going to be among that 5% of the winners. At least, you may organize your efforts the right way from the beginning.

The wrong way to start an AI / ML Project

I’ve been managing research projects for more than 15 years. After getting my applied math PhD degree, I founded an…

Research projects are fundamentally different from development projects. In development, you pay for tangible results. In research, failure can also be a valuable outcome. What can ease the pain of losing money through failed attempts?

by Artemy Malkov, PhD

Are you willing to take $10,000 out of your own pocket and give it to someone, only to have them spend it and fail the next day?

Most research projects, including ML/AI projects, take more time and end up being more expensive than originally planned. This is easy to understand (the trial-and-error process always has a decent percentage of failures), but…

How long an advicetising dialog should be?

To run early tests of advicetising technique, we created several chatbots and measured interactions. Here is what we observed.

On average, during the conversation session user is ready to write 10 short messages. This is an average amount of attention that you get from the user. This amount can be extended to 15–20 messages if you are able to engage with the user by giving outstanding, funny, or intriguing content.

1–2. Greetings and Smalltalk

Usually first 1–2 messages are greetings and small talk, which is the first phase of the conversation. …

The framework for advicetising is a four-step algorithm. Let’s see how it works.

1. Detect

People need advice when they face a complex problem. In most cases, they are put in an unfamiliar situation or environment and they hardly understand how to deal with that. In this moment they are looking for help and advice.

Ironically, they may not find the right words to explain the problem. That’s why a more experienced advisor should be able to talk out the real needs.

From the technological point of view, the advicetising system understands the context and the intent of the person and find…

Marketing is all about customers acquisition. And marketing channels evolve really fast. We saw social networks, mobile apps, messengers emerging within just last ten years. These growing platforms reshaped traditional advertising.

Any business is really sensitive to its customer acquisition cost. Traditional channels quite rapidly become too expensive. Driven by technologies and progress products become cheaper. But customer acquisition cost never goes down. It only goes up. For example, in Apple AppStore today, you need to spend at least $10 just to get one install for your free app. It is crazy. Think about it. You pay 10 dollars to…

Aesop, a wise ancient Greek slave who became an advisor to kings

I apologize for a long pause. But we are cooking something really great right now. This week we are coding hands on all days and nights. And going to release a next great chatbot platform that will show Advicetising in action.

You won’t miss it.

Advicetising is about detecting customer needs, asking questions to fully understand the customer; and finally giving a piece of great advice that helps.

You can give your customer good advice if you understand your customer needs and concerns; and if you are experienced enough to give the solution that works.

Understanding needs

Nothing is unique. There are 7 billion people living on Earth. Modern marketing can detect customer segments that have similar needs quite precisely. In fact, you don’t need to discover all the needs the customer have. You just need to detect what segment the customer belongs to. And…

Recently I published a quite provocative article. I put forward an idea that chatbots will replace sales reps. The first comment I got was:

“Not sure … people do prefer talking to people :) bots will speak with bots and sell to them:)”

My answer is: Changes may occur much faster that we expect.

Robots will become better sellers because of 3 facts.

1. Availability. Robots are available 24/7, they are hard workers, they are not lazy nor shy. They don’t hesitate to follow up and ask.

2. Scalability. Your best salesman is a god. But are others as good…

Artemy Malkov, PhD

Scientist, Entrepreneur, AI Product Management practitioner

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