Yarn-Up: Upgrade All Dependencies At Once

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Mar 27 · 2 min read

This is a quick post to show the tool that I use to upgrade all my dependencies to the newest versions there are. It is called yarn-up and I use it all the time: the great advantage of NPM that facilitates rapid agile development is the ability to publish packages many times a day, be it bug-fixes, or new features. However, all dependent packages need to keep with the updates, and with yarn-up, the developer does not have to do this job manually.

Updating all dependencies at once has never been easier with yarn-up.

For example, I have just fixed a bug in one of dependencies of a context-testing framework Zoroaster. Now, in Zoroaster, I can skip explicitly calling yarn install -E snapshot-context to get it upgraded. Instead, I just type yarn-up -E. Under the hood, the package will create a yarn command based on the list of dependencies found in the Zoroaster’s package.json file:

yarn-up will then execute the command to make sure that all dependencies are up to date without any effort from the developer!

The usage is very simple, install it globally with yarn global add yarn-up and call yarn-up to upgrade dependencies, or yarn-up -E to also fix their exact versions. I hope this small utility will be helpful to the everyone and save time that can be spent on coding! By the way, check out Zoroaster — it is the most modern new-age testing framework for Node.JS which takes quality assurance developer experience to the next level by introducing the concept of testing contexts into the JavaScript world. Please stay tuned and follow to be the first to learn pro-tips on using this software in the near future, because I’m going to be publishing a lot of learning material on how to use this ground-breaking framework that ups our understanding of how to organise tests. Peace out and hope you to see you in the near future!

Zarathustra, pray tell, what is the quickest way to update dependencies? — yarn-up.
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