Uberwood Digital Lifestyle : Black Friday 2017 Edition

A short read for those in long check-out lines

It’s “Black Friday” once again. The stress of Thanksgiving is behind you though you may still be camped out on an air mattress in the living room because you gave up your room to visiting family / friends. Lol. The countdown to Christmas has officially begun and there’s only 38 days left before 2018 arrives.

You tried to enjoy yesterday as best you could, however you’re an entrepreneur now and couldn’t help but sneak a little work in. And when a friend or loved one asked “How have you been?” You couldn’t help but speak of all the great things you’ve accomplished this year and what’s to come in the coming days, year, and decade. Before you knew it, they were dreaming right along with you about your future successes, and sharing how they plan to be right there cheering you on!

Perspective. Now that you are fully present in this post-Thanksgiving moment, hopefully you are ready to set your 2018 goals (if you haven’t done so). 2018 goals already set? Check them against the below-listed SMART guidelines:

SPECIFIC — Be sure that your goals are clear and concise. Keep them simple and well-written enough so that the intended outcome requires no explanation.

MEASURABLE — This is where you quantify your goal or assign a number to it. For example: You will acquire 20 properties and purchase 2 yachts in 2018. You see? A goal isn’t complete without some sort of numerical value.

ATTAINABLE — Set yourself up for success in 2018 by setting goals that are reachable. You are a goal-getter (I know this, because you’re taking the time to read this), so many of your goals will be challenging. That’s a good thing! Just be sure that your goals are written and structured in a way that allows you to win more often than not.

REALISTIC — This goes hand in hand with attainable with a slight difference: the impossible. I’ve seen a lot in my short lifetime and can attest that there are very few things that aren’t possible. For example, it is impossible to lose 200 pounds in one day, but it’s very possible to generate $2K in one day. It depends on your motivation. We shall talk about this in the coming weeks…

TIME-BOUND — Assign your goal a deadline. ALL of your goals. Day-to-day goals to project goals to preparing dinner for your family tonight should. all be time-bound. This encourages you to be a better steward of your time and increases the likelihood of achieving your goals.

Today is the perfect day to begin the brainstorming process while out in the shopping madness, in the office, or out of town on this crisp November morning. Start jotting down quick little notes and ideas in your smartphone of where you’d like to your business to grow in 2018. Then develop those notes into SMART goals this weekend.

Hint: The earlier you set these goals, the earlier you’ll start working towards them, and the quicker you’ll reach them. #Winning

Happy Friday and happy goal setting you go-getter you!



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