Instudio art classes

Manhattan radiates amature art vibe

Do you feel a vigorous strive for fine painting and find ordinary art classes just don’t quench your thirst for perfection? Artacademy-USA in Manhattan has created a special environment for intense art studies. Nestled in Gramercy historical district between Union Square Cafe and Baruch College, it can be easily missed as the studio has no front entrance even though art classes are full of motivated amateurs.


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Across three small cozy rooms, each student has his or her own easel and setting which turns a group lesson into an individual lesson. Quiet suitably Artacademy, has free snacks and beverages like tea and coffees and free WIFI.

Given the highly educated staff all come from Universities and Art Academies, I was thrilled to find the studio had its own training for teachers program and internships.

The art instructors were friendly without a glimpse of pretentiousness which contributes to the overall relaxed and friendly environment. Furthermore, the strong academic line of the educational program is clearly visible once you start drawing cubes and spheres, building up your skills instead of a mere landscape. Once your knowledge builds up, you feel succumbed by the fine art skills streaming into your head and the inevitable positive result on paper.

All that makes the studio a professional art education hub for enthusiasts, amateur artists and students preparing their portfolios.

What art classes does the art studio propose?

There is a wide array of art classes options including oil painting available through all week, watercolor studies that teach somewhere between traditional Chinese intertwined with classical manner illustration. No matter whether vividly modern or Andy Whyth dry brushy, Artacademy keeps up with the pace of the mainstream. Both illustrators and comics-books artists do conduct classes here that offer an insight into the required array of skills like model life drawing, academic drawing, portfolio preparation and sketching.

The Artacademy suits those seeking hobby type art classes aimed at personal development as well as professional education with human figure academic drawing.

What are the Artacademy’s hours and art class prices?

The art studio is open Monday-Sunday from 12:00 until 6:00 PM. On Friday, hours are 12:00 AM until 8:00 PM. Saturday and Sunday hours are 11:00 AM until 4:00 PM.

Preliminary registration required to attend art classes
General one class fee is $49 for adults and $59 for children.