Access to reality

Human beings have personal lenses via which they view the multiverse: this lens is a branding/marketing lens that depends on surrounding society’s perception. Within every lens, there is some real-world information stored, which can be extracted using proximity to the lens.

Direct acccess to reality would mean a death state, in which the only motivation remaining is self-drive: not doing anything for anyone, or as a means to some end. What would the end be, if you’re already dead, and nobody knows who you are?

The death-state drive is the most powerful drive, and the entire human brain works at full capacity, after having deleted all surrounding reality: all that exists is an abstract mind and the executioner: a human body with high skill and dexterity, that pushes the human race forward.

Human beigns live with multiple dependents, and create insecurity about losing those dependents (or some other form of wealth) to drive themselves. This is not a pure drive, and relies on various societal constructs for waking up and working every day.

Once the death state is achieved, the person realizes her pure self-drive, and has no desire for societal drives anymore. This is a state of true freedom: freedom from reality itself.

Waking up from the death state

There is exactly one definition of “formal death”: the individual stops fighting the reality around him, and is overloaded with historical baggage. In order to break free from history, it’s important to delete more and more concrete real-world data, and abstract everything using some form of mathematics: a hard-delete on memories about dead people.

Revisiting places as you

You change a lot over time, and revisiting a place from many years ago can help restore the place’s memories about you; making gentle increments to reality will allow your family to update your snapshot. Otherwise, there will be mental health disorder risks such as PTSD, bipolarity, multiple-personality disorder, aspergers, or schizophrenia.

Cover-ups and branding

At the end of the day, all human beings are from Africa, so it’s a function of how “much” to cover up: a national identity, a sexual identity, a personality? Gently rip off covers of perception, and own yourself.

Maintanence of reality using shared memories

Reality at various points in the multiverse are maintained by various maintainers, using composite eyes and shared posessions. In most parts of the world, it’s maintained by cold machines that have definite source code, and human warmth disappears. In some other parts, it’s maintained by error-prone humans, who make mistakes, and there’s a lot less reliability and more malfunction.

Who is the authority?

Every country establishes its own power structures. In the US, people’s personal data is guarded very heavily by Apple, which has accumulated so much wealth that they’re immpenetrable; the banks are very powerful corportaions as well. Contrasting that with India, these corporations have a lot less power, because the guard isn’t strong enough: the person with the loudest voice imposes insecurities in you, in an attempt to rip your wealth. In India, everyone attempts to create their own realities via their thought processes, and simple physical devices become unreliable: it’s the place to visit for “spiritual enlightenment”.