What are the Don’ts of SEO Writing?

Every website wants to be in the top most results of any search engine. There are a number of things various agencies and sites tell you about the do’s of SEO writing. Mostly everyone knows what they should do to stay in the good looks of Google, Bing, Yahoo etc., but there are a number of mistakes you might be making without even realizing that you are committing them in the first place.
But you needn’t worry, here’s a list of the don’ts of search engine optimization writing that you must try to avoid at all costs:
1) Don’t use too many graphics
Many companies overuse pictures and graphics in order to make their website look more interesting and happening to the users. But this can easily be a mistake as heavy graphics can slow down the loading time of your site. Most of the people tend to exit the website if it doesn’t load in the three seconds, make it a point that you don’t make this error as it can cause you a lot of users. You can make the photos into thumbnails that people can click on if interested.
2) Don’t upload plagiarized content
Your website should always sport original content that has been curated by your team. You wouldn’t want anyone to copy your original work and upload it as theirs; similarly neither do the other writers. If your website has a lot of copied content, Google is most likely to mark you as spam which will highly hinder your growth. Make sure whichever content has been uploaded on your website is unique.
3) Don’t overuse keywords
Using keywords to make your link appear in the top few search results is a sensible thing to do, but overcrowding your article with keywords is not all sensible. Using keywords in an excessive manner is going to get your content marked as spam by Google which is something you definitely want to avoid. Take into consideration any agency; even the best company that offers top level search engine optimization services will advise you to stay away from black hat SEO services. Also, remember that you mustn’t use just any keyword that will make you seem pretty in the eyes of Google. Look for the keywords that your target audience searches for and incorporate them in your content. 
4) Don’t write for search engines

Curating your content in a way that makes it look good in the eyes of search engines is not going to benefit you. In the end, you are writing for the users. It is important that the information that you upload on your site answers their questions. You ultimate aim should be becoming the best website for your target audience. To do so, you need to look up the things they search and create content accordingly.