The truth about breastfeeding

“It SUCKS!!! Well maybe not that bad but that is the only word that I that could think of to describe how it really feels to get the life sucked out of you! Now do not get me wrong it has its many enjoyable moments likeee”…”

1: Your giving your baby the prime of the primes. The optimum of the optimums. The supreme of the supremes. Or even better your pretty much giving your baby the best of life from the start.

2: It saves a lot of money. I really don’t know the full set cost but I do know when I started supplementing with Similac Sensitive Advance. I went from buying one can of milk that last a month for $15.00 to buying 3 cans that lasted about a week for $45. Wowwwwwwww. Yes I went from 0-45 real quick .. Real ******* quick (drake voice). That’s about $135 a month just for milk. Then to do even more math that’s $1620. Uhhhh nah!

3: It saves time. I mean really who doesn’t like saving time? Now I must say you can always get your money back but time NO! Time falls under a lot of important areas in our lifes such as SLEEP! The good or bad day charger. The am I going to get up and get it charger. The am I going to adult today charger. Or the plain out simple to parent or not parent charger. So yes it saves time on sleep and other life filled activities. Like for real can you imagine waking up 3am in the morning to go make a hungry or thirst baby a bottle? You have to first walk to the kitchen area, and then prep the bottle. Then walk allll the way back to the room at 3am just to feed the baby. About time you did all of that extra work if you nursed your baby you could baby could have been back sleep, or at least almost sleep.

4: It is a natural tranquilizer. Yessss I said it is a TRANNNNN- QUIIII- LIZER . The natural act right method. Did i say Tranquilizer? If not hey now you know. There is no better feeling than calming a baby down fast. A baby can be acting all coocoo for coco puffs before nursing than after they turn into a baby playing on the clouds. Temper tantrum who? Yes im telling youuuuu it works. Its a soother ladies and gents. Im telling you it helped me all the way through. Maybe thats why I nursed for a year… idk but anyways back to it being a natural laydown and stay down. At least until the milk burns off :)

5: The bonding! I love it I freaking love it. Skin to skin. Baby looking into your eyes. Awww goo goo ga ga. It is a bond like no other. I feel you personally that was the best part. It’s just like OMG this is real love. Looking real love right into the eye. Its all the way LOVE LOVE LOVE. So yea its awesome.

6: You get to have bigger jugs. Free boob jobs. They can be estaclity pleasing to the eye. According to my sons father :)

“Well ladies and gents that was the truth behind breastfeeding. Yes it is draining but it is worth every single second. I always say stay in the game. Don’t give up. Do not listen to peoples opinion about you breastfeeding. Go with your heart. If you feel that it is time to quit then quit. If you feel you want to nurse until 2 go for it. It’s your child, your boobs, your life.”