An unforgiveable pardon for Sheriff Joe
The Economist

The Premise of the Article is Foolish

Actually the President followed the law explicitly. The President has the legal authority to pardon the sheriff. Past presidents have pardoned convicted felons who tried to overthrow the government. Even the last President, Barack Obama, pardoned criminals who committed far worse crimes. Even the argument that Sheriff Arpaio should not have been pardoned at this time falls flat in light of the circumstances. #1- He is 85 years old. #2- His wife of 58 years is very sick. #3- The judge in this case is actually the one who acted improperly and should be disciplined or disbarred. (I spent three years on Bar Grievance panels) He improperly reduced the charge for political reasons to a misdemeanor so the Sheriff could not receive a jury trial. #4- The Sheriff was complying with Federal law; something the Justice Department had failed to do. The Attorney Generals for both George W Bush and Barack Obama selectively enforced a law passed by Congress; a violation of the Civil Rights Act and something that the Executive Branch of our government does not have the authority to do. Congress is the only branch that can modify the law and they did not do so. Therefore it is the Justice Department that should have been prosecuted not the Sheriff. This was a purely political decision, nor based on law and a travesty of our system of government.

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