The Ultimate Cheat Sheet To The Trump-Russia Investigation
Ahmed Baba

Very well written narrative. Unfortunately every section ends with, “What Mueller MAY find”. Apparently you are new to our system of justice as speculation does not result in convictions. Innuendos and guilt by association do not work in a court of law. Granted he may well find something on which to prosecute. It is at that time that your wise words may hold some weight. Right now they are nothing more than political rhetoric and biased reporting. It would be nice if you did the same amount of research about: #1- how the Russians have tried to interfere in prior elections here in the United States, in Turkey, in Italy, in France etc., etc. #2- How the United States has tried to interfere in elections in Britain, in Israel and even participated in the assassination of foreign leaders. Unfortunately, and I say that very sincerely, that is just how governments act. So until there is proof that the Trump (or Clinton) campaigns directly colluded with a foreign government, this is nothing of any significance. I guess we should also just ignore how the Clinton campaign has admitted to colluding with the Democratic National Committee to suppress the campaign of Bernie Sanders as that was not a foreign government, nor does it meet your number priority, to denigrate the President of the United States.

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