Figma meets mockups

Artboard Studio
Oct 19 · 3 min read

The Artboard Studio plugin for Figma is now available. Install it from here.

Screen design tools are growing really fast and the competition is getting harder and harder. That competition is really great for all designers because each company is working hard to make their tools better. Many people are switching from one app to another, everyday new emails, new announcements for features. Influencers making reviews and videos to compare, which one is better and why. Which one you need to use; Sketch, Figma, Framer or Adobe XD?

But we believe, Figma is leading the competition with their amazing collaboration and browser-based features. It is fast, intuitive and again most amazingly collaborative.

Figma announced plugins a few months ago. When we receive the email from them, the first thing came to our minds was “how about a plugin for mockups”. That was a great idea and we were already using Figma for our UI/UX design all the time. We have even designed Artboard Studio’s interface with Figma. It was time to give back.

So we developed the plugin and worked really hard to give the best experience to Figma users when they need mockups. Because designers love mockups. And who needs Photoshop when you can have it inside Figma, with thousands of mockup items and with a click of a button.

Now you can browse in thousands of mockup items that are already available in Artboard Studio, you can render your frames to our mockup items. Not just flat renders, we mean realistic warped renders!

All you see in Artboard Studio, the same items with the same results. You can even create super-realistic mockups like this one ↓

Maybe you do not need mockups but need high quality cleaned images to create banners for your project. As you know we have thousands of items, with or without mockups.

Here is a short screencast to show you how Artboard Studio plugin works with Figma ↓

Experience it yourself, simply install our plugin from here. And let us know what you think 💭

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