ART CAN DIE x 3six9

Partnership between 3six9 NFT marketplace and ART CAN DIE

As part of this alliance, ART CAN DIE (ACD) will feature its digital art on 3six9’s NFT marketplace; 3six9 will promote it and adopt the DIE token as a transaction tool for use in its marketplace.

ART CAN DIE’s long-term mission is to inspire a new world of art that is inclusive, transparent and fair, empowering exceptional creators. A philosophy shared by 3six9.

After a successful first exhibition in Asia presenting the physical works of 13 international artists, ACD is expanding its mission into the growing digital art space.

ACD’s curation team will work closely with 3six9 to bring art consumers a selection of digital art, increasing the online visibility of exceptional artists and their work.

The partnership expands the strategic markets of both companies, in Europe and Asia respectively.

With strong roots in web3, ART CAN DIE and 3six9 benefit from each other’s growing ecosystem and expertise in blockchain and art, while sharing a common mission to participate in the future of art.

About us

ART CAN DIE inspires a new world of art where artists, curators and collectors collectively produce physical and digital art. | twitter

3six9 NFT Marketplace is an NFT marketplace platform that is built on top of Near Protocol and Aurora Blockchain. The 3six9 Team is focusing on creating the most sustainable space for the development of digital assets and helping creators and businesses to accelerate projects and create impactful values for the community. | twitter



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