Blockchain connected to the real world (of art)

FTX’s sudden collapse has shaken confidence in web3. What this means for ART CAN DIE (ACD).

The main criticism against cryptocurrencies is that they would not be backed by real-world assets, meaning their value is entirely dependent on users’ trust. Because almost all cryptos rely only on technology, there would be no safety net in the event of a downfall.

On the contrary, ACD is a web3 company bringing together artists, collectors and the public to collectively produce physical and digital art. Our mission is to be active in the phygital market and we have already made exceptional concrete achievements:

DIE tokens are utility tokens providing users with access to our Decentralized Autonomous Organization, or DAO. Users can influence the direction of the events and the art produced. They can also participate in contests and games, as well as to enjoy a staking system in DIE tokens.

DIE tokens derive their value from these rights and their value is optimized by our achievements in the art world. Our connection to the real world — the world of art — sets us apart from other crypto projects.

ACD is a solution that has been developing before the onset of the crisis, and is thus an early response giving us a significant head start.

Learn more:

Ambassador of Belgium inaugurating ART CAN DIE’s art exhibition in Bangkok.

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Born to save art. Bringing artists, collectors and the public together to collectively produce art #web3