Hurricane, Bahamas (1898) by Winslow Homer. Watercolor and graphite on off-white wove paper, 36.7×53.5 cm. Metropolitan Museum of Art

Storms, eruptions, hurricanes, and tornadoes brought big moments to many artists. We picked ten canvases to prove this to you.

While the survivors are licking their wounds and count losses from devastation made by Hurricane Irma in the South and North Americas, the others are looking through pictures and videos taken from the eye of the storm. Well, it’s in our human nature to fix the horrors of catastrophes and to examine them thoroughly.

Now it’s hard to imagine that once there were no cameras to take pictures or make videos, and artists were those who, mesmerized by the eruptions…

With Agent Cooper, Laura Palmer and other inhabitants of the world’s most famous fictional city of America returning to screens, we admit it has become this year`s most exciting television event. The fans deconstruct each new series discovering both obvious and hidden puzzles that have been densely sown by a mischief Lynch throughout the movie. Like 25 years ago, the art lovers are provided with plenty of food for thought.

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From paintings to moving pictures

Both the old and the new series of Twin Peaks abound in allusions to the works of the artists of…

Girl with a Pearl Earring, detail, 1665.

This painting belongs to the most recognizable images of the modern culture. It leaves the viewer stricken with beauty, technique, dramatic style, lighting, and a subtle feeling of the moment’s transience. Well, but why does the jewel in the girl’s ear look more like a silver one rather than a pearl? If it’s a pearl, why make it so big? Let’s try to figure it out.

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Let’s start with the painting’s title. One may think that there is a clear indication of the pearl in the very name of the picture —…

The Bay of Naples at moonlit night
Ivan Aivazovsky

ARTHIVE made its present to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Ivan Aivazovsky, one of the world`s greatest marine artists. Get mesmerized by 10 animated paintings of Ivan Aivazovsky, the artist who seized the Sun, the Moon and surely the Sea!

A painter of seascapes, Ivan Aivazovsky (1817 — 1900) is the most famous Russian artist. During his life, he had the Russian Tsar, the Turkish Sultan, the Pope and the British genius William Turner among his admirers. In Russia, his exhibitions still gather the queues.

12 fascinating facts about artist

1Aivazovsky was an avid painter. He is an author of 6 000 paintings. During…

Vincent Van Gogh
Irises in a vase
May 1890, 73.7×92.1 cm • Oil, Canvas

Japan for Vincent van Gogh was an undiscovered country like the Atlantean continent for the other people. He read about it, collected an enormous number of small things and pictures resembling it and at the same time he was aware of he would never have a chance to see it with his own eyes. Vincent invented his own way possible only for him; obsessively and insatiably (as anything he did in his life), though, step by step for a long time he had been breeding in his mind his personal small Japan, a perfect island of simplicity and serenity. …

Hyperrealism is a movement in modern visual arts, which has gained its popularity since 1990−2000. It involves painting, sculpture and film making. The term Hyperrealism is often used as a synonym of Photorealism, though you could identify the difference with the naked eye.

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The Hyperrealist artists have not been focused on copying the real life regardless accurate depiction of details and appearances of their subjects. At the same time their artworks very often resemble photos posted on Instagram: faces of strangers, outings with friends, small streets, self portraits, photos of…

Why do artists produce self portraits? Firstly, it is the best way to make a self concept and to express oneself; secondly, it helps to master skills without a model. What is more important for history? Some of self portraits are only illustrations for life histories and at the same time some of them have become iconic masterpieces.

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Познать себя: 10 самых известных автопортретов на

1. Leonardo da Vinci. Self Portrait from Turin

Salvador Dali says: «The fact that I myself, at the moment of painting, do not understand my own pictures, does not mean that these pictures have no meaning; on the contrary, their meaning is so profound, complex, coherent, and involuntary that it escapes the most simple analysis of logical intuition.”

Dali means «desire» translated from the Catalan, the native language of his mother. Each element in artist’s paintings is a specific code to understanding his work.

Let’s try to decipher it!

Today is Skirt Day and we celebrate it by showing you the selection of 11 paintings featuring this almost mystical feminine wear.

Diego Velázquez. Infanta Margarita Teresa in a Pink Dress


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