ArtCoin Fund and ArtVerona. The Artericambi gallery exhibits.

From 13 to 16 October 2017, the 13th edition of ArtVerona | Art Project Fair, the modern and contemporary art fair will will take place in Verona.

In recent years, ArtVerona has clearly outlined its profile, aiming at enhancing the Italian art system, accrediting itself increasingly as a privileged destination for exhibitors and collectors looking for care and quality of the proposals.

The title of this 13th edition is “Journey to Italy #BacktoItaly”, in which the center wants to put the Italian vocation and to support the artists and the market that represents them, a market extending to the museums, a natural conclusion of a path that begins with the galleries’ scouting action.

Francesco Pandian, consultant and analyst for ArtCoin Fund on the primary market (unpublished works) and secondary (artworks coming from the market) of “Middle career” artists who should take flight, will be present at ArtVerona with his Artericambi gallery presenting a selection of International artists such as Blair Thurman, Mariano Sardon, Andrea Galvani, Giovanni Morbin and Aurelio Fort, a radical artist who traces the themes of human existence and who, at the top of his artistic maturity, is considered by Francesco Pandian an artist on which to invest.

At ArtVerona you can find the Artericambi gallery with its exhibitions and its artists at Pavilion 12, Stand H6.

Artcoin Fund is an investor driven collective. The fund is motivated by the democratization of art investment.

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