Stay With Us! Stay Democratized! Stay #ArtCoin.

Artcoin Fund
Oct 24, 2017 · 1 min read

The ArtCoin Distribution Event it’s approaching, and meeting presentations are also taking place.

After the meetup of last week in Toronto, in these days the management team will be in Pisa, Rome and Milan. And others meeting across Europe are coming in the next days.

If you want to meet us or know more information about ArtCoin Fund and our new ICO, you can join us at the meetup taking place in the following days.

Yesterady was PISA

Today Rome

Tomorrow Milan

And others are coming soon.

Stay With Us! #StayArtcoin

20 Eth that the Toronto Meetuper ( gave to Fabrizio Marcolini after his speeach last week.
Artcoin Fund

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Artcoin Fund is an investor driven collective. The fund is motivated by the democratization of art investment.

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