Heard the word ‘Process’ before ? Its ubiquitous in its use, yet as with many management terms is thrown in with other jargon, so much so, that everyone nods without questioning much. “Its process, you ought to follow it”. If on the other hand this makes you pull your hair, its worthwhile to understand the context in which its born.

In this article i am making an attempt to share its

  1. Definition &
  2. Objective of setting up a process
  3. In case of deviation
Simple definition from Google

Process is a way of doing things, a sequence of steps, an algorithm. 
Its objective is to bring discipline ‘to the operations and add value towards delivery.


In short term, it might slow down a task as learning is involved, 
however from the viewpoint of total operations which are affected by the ‘Process’ established, it is expected to bring in efficiency to operations and provides resources a guiding flourescent strip.

This is the context in which processes ought to be viewed with, it should not 
become an excuse to reprimand the subordinate or conversely, an excuse by subordinate to shun responsibility.

In case of deviation

While assessing deviation from laid out processes it is important to have sense of proportion.

Not all steps within a process contribute equally to the operations. 
Not having a sense of proportion is akin to mistaking a one time thief with a serial offender.

When process is broken

It would do well to remember that if a given process is not fulfilling the objective, or is too cumbersome for majority of your resources and undermines the benefits, it is time to train resources or to bring amendments in parts to process or do a complete re-think.

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