2019 Courage to go forward

The power of communities in supporting each other to achieve individual as well as collective goals.

As the fireworks for new year celebration settles and the last bottle of Champagne is popped, the arrival of 2019 finally dawn upon us. All the excitement and anticipation of a brand new year ahead felt during the end of year holidays, where have they gone? Suddenly we are faced with an acute sense of anxiety and stress arising from the need to start the year right … to get the projects for the new year off the ground. There is almost constant obsession of checking if we are on the right track … if we are moving fast enough. Suddenly, just one week into 2019, we find ourselves feeling exhausted and exasperated. And, It is not even half the battle. How do we go forward from here? How can we achieve our 2019 goals in a sustainable way?And, not killing ourselves along the way. Am I alone here thinking about this or are you on the same boat?

Advice on how to stick with one’s new year resolutions are a plenty. Just switch on the radio. They are nice to listen to. Perhaps even funny at times. Truth be told, aren’t they just repackaged versions of the same old same old? Thanks or No thanks to digital and technological disruptions, the society that we live in becomes increasing fragmented. A Society of Me. Social Media platforms when use unconsciously exacerbate the false sense of security that the world revolves around our notion of Me. I dare say there is a systematic overestimation of our abilities to achieve our own goals. I dare even say there is almost a constant obsession with our individual goals. Often, forgetting that we as humans still live in a society of a physical world. Overlooking our roles and responsibilities in the overall wellbeing of the community we live in. By community I meant the neighbourhood, the city, the country, the region and the world we inhabit in today.

Going forward in 2019, can we take a moment to see beyond our individual goals? Can we see ourselves becoming a force contributing to the collective good of the community we live in? When we serve the community with the right intention, the power of the supportive communities becomes the very force that sustain us all through the year in the successful accomplishment of our individual as well as collective goals. A Society of We. Anyone?

Written by K. Wanderman