BeepBot; Control Concerns

So recently a chat bot out on the internet has created a term of usage in regards to if you don’t allow certain people control you’ll lose rights to use it. So, I’ve received some messages in regards to this and I’ll reply to all here to what BeepBot does and who has control.

So, Who has control over my channel?

The channel owner, channel moderators have direct access to commands to edit the channel. This includes and not limited to; commands, quotes, gifs etc…

Obviously the channel owner has things locked to them which the mods can not perform. Also we have fail over protection where mods can’t actually delete anything from the channel. It’s “soft” deleted meaning it’s still in our database but hidden from public usage. So the channel owner can bring it back if they wish.

We also have a complete user role / permission system. Where you can give users more or less control to your channel.

Bot developers have full control in regards to the channel. But all actions are logged (as with other users) and only core developers actually have the permission required. We have this so we can help out / fix issues live in your channel. Note: All other ExoZone staff do NOT have this permission. It’s a tool and ease of access for us. If you don’t like this in your channel shoot us a message and we can disable it for you.

However ExoZone developers will NOT edit anything in your channel without prior notice or you ask for help on chat / stream. It’s your channel at the end of the day. So what gives us the right to change things with your consent?

Do I need to obey all this?

Not at all! You have complete control on who can do what in your channel, and if you're not a fan of the bot developer access then we can disable it. Simple as toasting bread.

(We won’t remove your privilege to use the bot unlike some others) We work around and with you. So if you’re not happy about something we will aim to fix it! 100% customer satisfaction is our goal!


So we have a vast system for managing permissions and who can do what. Along with logging / soft deletion on data. To keep your channel safe from angry pandas.

If you have any concerns about this or anything about BeepBot just shoot us a DM or Tweet to @ExoZoneDev

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