Soartex Fanver & It’s Future

Kieron Richardson
4 min readAug 29, 2018

Hello, beloved users of Soartex Fanver.

As you probably have noticed, there has been no updates from ourselves in a while now, for that I and the developers apologize for and I’m going to break it down to what’s been going on behind the scenes over the past 3 years.

So, minor issues started around the 3-year mark of the Pack since it was first created with two of the main creators leaving to work on their own pack. (Which was all agreed and nothing came from it) but one of the previous pack maintainer stook around to help out with updates, and to be honest they helped out a tonne. then life got busy for them with education and general life things, so they had to abandon the development of the pack.

I myself started working on a Modpack for Twitch which has become popular and required more time to work on it. Along with a job requiring way more time than actually needed I ended up most nights having to skip on working on Fanver along with other commitments I had. Recently I’ve taken a contract with a US company to work on some site stuff from time to time.

Running along the same time the current pack maintainer lead, Valsis, (and only one at the time), who had worked on the pack single-handed from 1.7 (which alone is an amazing performance) needed to take time away from the pack. Once the World of Colors Update (1.12) was released, Valsis had to take time off as her own health and personal life comes first. I personally wanted her to take the time she needed to sort her situation out so she could come back refreshed and up for another update challenge (cause all of them to pose challenges).

But regardless of their situations, we are working on the pack as a hobby and there was never any commitments to working 24/7 on it. As we all had jobs (some fulltime) and other life commitments to be focusing on, we’ve been quite lucky with the 1.13 update taking as long as it did, to hopefully be back as a team to blast on the update.

The Update Exploration Update” (1.11) was released with minimal issues, along with “The World of Colors” (1.12) which had some delays on getting it done but it was completed and shipped out.

The Update “ Update Aquatic” (1.13) has already had some work done to it. We’ve had an amazing user called Lea, who has helped a tonne with fixing/creating models for the pack along with adding new textures here and there, but there is a lot of work left and I can’t expect her to do it all alone like I, unfortunately, did with Valsis. But we learn from our mistakes.

So it’s now late August (as of writing), and we’re not even close to getting a release (which is worth pushing out) to cover the new textures and fix the issues from the update (Thank you Mojang). We’ve only got one active developer, Lea, and I don’t want to pressure her on making the textures (I learned from my mistakes). I personally, don’t have the free time to create the missing pieces, same happens with the current main developer, Valsis, who is not ready yet to return to help continue developing the pack, yet she shows she wants to come back and continue developing this amazing Pack. But most importantly I don’t want to push her to come back as her own personal life comes first in my honest opinion. I’m hopeful she will return and help Fanver be great again.

At this very moment, we don’t see realistic a release for the Update Aquatic (1.13) anytime soon until the pack is fully completed. Maybe in time, we will get it out but there’s a possibility of it to fade out. (This is concerning and will be complicated due to licensing on the pack and the project itself). If so happens, the project would be released back to the community on a controlled repository with all the assets listed.

However, don’t be alarmed, I’m trying my best to get some free time to work on the pack to get an update out, as I’m positive Valsis would be doing the same if she could right now, and with this, I’m holding onto it until she’s able to come back.

TLDR: Fanver is not “dead” but still sleeping while the developers get themselves back together to work on the pack again. Once we have a version of the pack which we feel confident in releasing, it will be released to the world. But at the current time, nothing is going to be released.

So I apologize to you all again, but we thank you for being around for as long as you have! Along with the continued support and help from all of you. Fanver would not be at the stage it is without you guys!

So from the Fanver Team. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we hope to see in soon with an amazing update!



Kieron Richardson

Developer for @ExoZoneDev, Graphics Designer, Soartex Administrator and many other cool things.