The Future of xChat

Dear beloved users of xChat.

xChat has been an amazing project and has lead to new learning curves for our developers to make xChat work like it does currently. We have been able to create an extension which gives users the freedom of having colours as they do on Twitch / BTTV and emotes. Like who doesn’t love emotes?

For the last year and a half, we have enjoyed bringing you features that Beam did not support such as keeping deleted messages. Which Beam natively supports now. Other options are being added to Beam in time. Thanks to users creating suggestion posts on the Feedback Site. With this we don’t see any massive updates coming to xChat anytime soon. Due to the additions being made to Beam.

With that and the new update coming to Beam in the next few weeks. xChat will be in a state of disrepair, meaning that the way xChat works will no longer work on the new site thus, making the extension harder to maintain and add features. We did have an old system which could still work but this caused lag issues on the site, to which we don’t want to put our users through the pain of our extension making Beam unusable. We love the site and the changes being made and excited to see features that xChat offered to be added to the main site.

Therefore, after Beam deploy the new site to production we will be closing the xChat project; until we find a suitable way of making it work without impacting the user experience on the website. As what’s the point of using an extension which makes a site laggy or unresponsive? None! So, we don’t want to create that in any way. xChat could make a comeback one day either as the same or a completely new product which offers newer features which Beam won’t natively support out of the box.

I’m really sorry if this news is going to upset our users. But this decision was not taken lightly and we thought long and hard before making this public knowledge. But we don’t want to make your life a misery if xChat causes lag on the Beam site; as that’s no fun at all.

So, I thank our longest supporters who’ve used the extension since the birth and helped donate to add new features. We will love you all forever, and as a token of our appreciation will work long and hard to either re-create xChat at a later stage or a completely new application for you guys to use to improve the Beam experience.

From the team at ExoZone we thank you for your support with xChat and we hope you stick around for our future releases of services.

If you like to contact us about xChat or wish to apply to help out with future projects. You can find us on Discord or Twitter.