Loving Every Other Minute of It Album Cover!!!

Art Edwards
May 23 · 2 min read

Sorry it’s been a while.

I’ve been hunkering down and doing the things that will make my second solo album Loving Every Other Minute of It a reality by its release date of November 7th — or the day I officially declare we will put an end to all of our current nonsense. (I know, I know. Just let me have that one.)

The album’s ten songs are tracked, mixed, and ready for mastering. Mastering will probably go down in June. The tracks have been sequenced, which is one of my favorite parts. Everything is done except to make the actual thing. This is not my favorite part, but it got easier with the help of my writer friend and cohort Rebecca Kelley.

Rebecca is a published novelist and part of our writers’ group the Whom, which is going on its tenth year. Importantly, Rebecca recently went back to school for graphic design. Who better to make my cover!

So, we bandied around ideas for a few weeks, and I’m happy to say the cover is now finished. Behold, LOVING EVERY OTHER MINUTE OF IT:

Image for post
Image for post

So, I’m excited, as you might guess.

Big thanks to Rebecca Kelley for making the album cover pop. We will be working together on the rest of the package, and I hope to have the whole thing finished and ready for the press by July.

Stay safe, everyone.


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