How to create a portfolio easily without any knowledge

Oct 9, 2019 · 2 min read

A few months ago, I had to create a portfolio. So I decided to learn WordPress and I struggled with it.

WordPress is great. But there are some problems.

First, you have to buy a theme to have something that looks good. Then, all the themes work differently and they have their specific plugins.

Which means there is a specific way to customize every theme.

But I still managed to create that portfolio.

And then another problem came to me: the hosting. I wanted a cheap hosting with a simple interface.

I tried many hosting websites and then I found the perfect one. It’s bluehost.

I strongly recommend you use this one for your WordPress websites. I didn’t try it with other types of website but I had a great experience with it. Click here to discover their offers.

So I had my portfolio and then I talked to a friend who is a marketer.

He told me that he made his portfolio using WordPress extremely easily. I started asking questions about how he made his portfolio.

And then I discovered something…

It’s a great software that changed the way I used WordPress.

He told me he created his website by dragging and dropping. He told me that there are some great free templates that you can use with it.

This software is Elementor. Click here to discover it.

There is a free option but you will get frustrated with it because you are limited.

So, if you want to create a portfolio without having to develop it yourself, I recommend you use Elementor to get things done extremely fast.

Even if you are a developer, you should create your portfolio with Elementor because creating it yourself is a waste of time and it doesn’t show any relevant skill you have unless integration.

For the hosting, I recommend Bluehost because it’s cheaper and it has a great interface. But, if you want more features and you need to grow your portfolio to get contracts as a freelancer or jobs, you should use WP Engine.

It provides hosting and many other features such as 24/7 support, frameworks, themes, performance improvements…

Click here to get the first 3 months for free.


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