My struggle to find my first freelance clients

Oct 13, 2019 · 3 min read

Freelancing is a great opportunity. But it’s not that simple.

When I started, I had no experience. I was a self-taught developer.

I started learning at the age of 16 with free online courses.

In the beginning, I was doing it because I was totally lost about what I wanted to do in my life.

I only knew that I loved science and technology so I wanted to become an engineer and I was attracted by programming jobs. So I thought “maybe I should learn how to code to see if I like it”.

It became my passion ever since.

And then I discovered something huge. It really changed my life

I discovered that there are people who work wherever they want, whenever they want, on the projects they want.

On top of that, they are usually paid more than if they had a full-time job!

When I discovered it, I thought:

“Wow, that’s what I want my life to look like…”

So I watched every video on YouTube that talked about it, I read every article and I was picturing myself with the same life in a few years!

Then, I kept learning some programming languages as a side hobby during my free time after high-school.

From 16 to 18 I learned a few programming languages and I decided that I wanted to focus my skills on mobile app development and especially iOS development. And I never stopped consuming content about it.

When I turned 18 I was so excited. I could finally start my own freelancing business!

I was doing it for freedom and because I love programming and helping people!

But it doesn’t work as I expected.

I registered myself on a French freelancing website.

It this platform the clients browse the freelancers profiles and they send jobs to the interesting profiles.

And nobody came to me in 4 months.

No clients.

No missions.

Absolutely nothing.

I was doing everything I learned but I had no results. I almost gave up.

The problem was my lack of experience. I had all the skills needed to do some missions but nothing was there to prove it unless the few projects I made when I was learning.

I had never been so disappointed in my life. Everything I tried to build for 2 years didn’t work out.

Everything I dreamed of for 2 years never happened… Not even an encouraging beginning.

I was studying programming at the same time in a Bachelor of web and mobile development to get more skills and experience through internships.

So, with that first failure, I choose the easy solution which was continuing to study.

I still felt empty inside because I failed to accomplish my dream.

Almost a year after I turned 18, I decided to try again. This time there would be no excuses and I would never give up.

I signed up on Upwork and I was sending at least 10 proposals a day and learning copywriting at the same time to learn how to write good proposals that convert proposals into jobs.

I was struggling because I still lacked experience. But I decided to take small jobs that only a few people want and with my copywriting skills, I would be sure to get an answer.

Now, we are 3 months later.

I still struggle but now, I have some clients.

And the most important is that I’m proud of what I accomplished even if that’s only small steps.

So, if you have a dream, no matter how hard it is, — or how simple it is — you have to do everything you can do to accomplish it.

Failure is not an excuse to give up.

Actually, nothing is an excuse to give up on something you truly want.

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