An Overview of Whalemap’s Tokenomics

Artem Lazarev
4 min readDec 14, 2021


Tokenomics: An Overview of Whalemap’s WMP & xWMP Tokens

$WMP will be native to Solana, but also cross-listed as an ERC-20 token.

Whalemap aims to provide easily accessible blockchain data to the public, and unlocking the full potential of Whalemap is now easier than ever with $WMP.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Whalemap’s native token, $WMP, as well as its secondary token, $xWMP, including allocations, rewards, staking, and governance.

Token Summary

Whalemap will have two tokens, $WMP and $xWMP. $WMP is the backbone of Whalemap’s ecosystem of utility. It will be native to the Solana blockchain but will also be cross-listed as ERC-20. The total supply of $WMP is 300,000,000. The team has designed a 3-stage airdrop constituting 20% of the total circulating supply, a 10% liquidity mining program and a 1% public sale. The other 69% of the tokens will be locked up long-term.

$xWMP is the platform’s secondary token used to generate Whalemap’s utility.

$WMP and $xWMP were designed with the following principles in mind:

  • Accrue value through utility, not hyperinflation
  • Key supporters get rewarded as Whalemap’s usage grows
  • Get access to leading on-chain analytics data
  • Long-term lockups that are only meant for long-term believers in the project
  • Specialized governance power over Whalemap
  • Airdrop to Whalemap’s loyal users that have joined its journey so far

Using $WMP and $xWMP in Whalemap’s Ecosystem

Within the Whalemap ecosystem, there will be a variety of ways to both earn and use $WMP and $xWMP. How our users use our platform’s native tokens is entirely up to them. Different users will use $WMP for various reasons, while others might focus on the many utilities of $xWMP. Let’s take a closer look at the possible “roles” that users can take on as holders of Whalemap’s two tokens, and the benefits that come with them.

$WMP Holders (“The Farmer”)

Users will be able to stake $WMP to earn $xWMP. This $xWMP can be used to purchase charts, API calls or alerts, or exchanged on a DEX. $WMP will also be used as the platform’s governance token.

$xWMP Holders (“The Community”)

If you hold $xWMP, the $xWMP smart contract will reward you for doing so in the form of $xWMP. These rewards come from our smart contract, which distributes $xWMP revenue that the Whalemap platform generates.

$xWMP Smart Contract (“The Redistributor”)

Whalemap’s smart contract, though not technically a “user role,” is an integral part of our ecosystem. It has been designed to give back revenue that the platform generates back to the community in the form of $xWMP. $xWMP holders will receive a portion of this redistributed $xWMP.

Whalemap User (“The Trader”)

If you used $xWMP to purchase charts, API calls or Alerts, then congratulations and welcome to the most advanced blockchain data available on the market. Whalemap offers a free version of our platform, but the real insights come from our paid charts.

Whalemap Summary: Features

Whalemap will have five key features:

  1. DeFi Analytics — Gain insight into DeFi tokens’ true value based on underlying fundametals of their smart contracts
  2. Multichain Support — We will be bringing classic Whalemap charts to Solana, Polygon, Ethereum, and other blockchains
  3. Alerts — Be notified as soon as an important on-chain move happens
  4. Address Tagging — Tagging which type of player has made a transaction (exchange, OTC desk, retail player, whale, miner, etc.)
  5. Super Real-time Analytics — Mempool data analysed in real-time
  6. API— access GBs of Whalemap’s aggregated data through our API to build and backtest your own trading strategy
  7. DEX Integration — Integrating a trade button on our platform that will allow our users to buy and swap tokens without leaving Whalemap

All features of Whalemap will be released next year with DeFi analytics becoming available in Q4 2022.

Token Distribution: Allocation Chart

$WMP Roadmap

As Whalemap continues to grow, we have several exciting developments planned for $WMP. Here is a general outline of our plan for our native platform tokens:

  • Max Supply 300M — Establish the total supply
  • Public Sale — Solstarter public sale
  • DEX Trading Pair — Token goes live on the market
  • Liquidity Mining Program — Incentive program for staking liquidity
  • WMP Ecosystem of utility — xWMP and WMP staking goes live
  • 1st Airdrop — 5% of the supply will be distributed among existing users

About Whalemap

In legacy markets, institutions have access to resources that are unavailable to the general public. But with the advent of the blockchain, financial data should no longer just be available to a select few. We at Whalemap believe that this data belongs to everyone, not just a handful of large institutions. Whalemap’s analytics tools provide users with precise, actionable and timely blockchain data. Follow us on social media to learn more:

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