A message to my doomed colleagues in the American media
Alexey Kovalev

Your comparison is not just wrong, it is the complete inversion of truth.

You see, people who work at CNN (and similar outlets) are not journalists. They are establishment propagandists. What they did to Trump during the campaign is exactly what Russian propagandists like Dmitry Kiselev or Vlamidir Solovyev do to the Russian opposition. Compare “Trump is a Russian agent” to “Navalny is an American agent”, “Trump is a sexual deviant” to “Mikhail Kasyanov (or Victor Shenderovich) is a sexual deviant”, “Trump didn’t pay taxes” to “Mikhail Khodorkovky didn’t pay taxes”. All lies.

Trump’s victory in America is the equivalent of Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s becoming — against all odds — President of Russia. Imagine the reaction of the Russian media to that!

It is often said that Putin’s media tactics are Orwellian. And they are.

But that reminds me of my favorite moment of CNN when Chris Cuomo said about Wikileaks “it’s illegal to possess these documents, but it’s different for the media, so everything you learn about this you’re learning from us.”

How Orwellian is that?

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