“A new dope” or “Revenge of the Lady”

Almost alone like the Little Prince,
Like a man from Great Britain somewhere in Queens.
Creative and smart like Huckleberry Finn,
He was trying to leave Tatooine.

Then like Harry Potter grew up between muggles,
He did what he could do, the best among others.
I just need a rhyme now, let’s say “Harry Truman”,
Guess, what happened to him at the end. It was woman.

“No woman, no cry”, but it was not a case,
I need rhyme again, and now it’s “Chevy Chase”.
They said it was anger, Dark Side some kind of,
But all of us know that it was damned love.

Don’t crucify him, I would say rather,
He is not Jesus, but prodigal father.

Photo: StarWars.com
Thanks for this idea to “Red Elvises feat Gorshok — Don’t Crucify Me”.https://youtu.be/DIQXGsxm32k