5 Steps to Accelerate Ticket Sales

1. Leverage on fans’ emotions
Be on one side with your fans, be together in sorrow and joy. Make special anniversary programs dedicated to marriage, dating etc. Give presents (discounts, prizes) when holidays come: birthdays, Valentines Day, New Year Day etc.

2. Focus on group sales
What do you have for organized groups? You should develop a strategy for approaching HR managers, tourist agencies, schools etc. Collective and corporate purchases can an important part of your ticketing sales channels mix.

3. Gamification 
Do you award for points for spreading the words about your event? You can keep a score in each client’s account. This “money” can be spent on your tickets or discounts for fans’ friends and relatives. Treat your customer as a sales agent. Here is a good example from Scotland — http://www.scotlandsocialleague.co.uk/

4. Create Dialogue 
Ask your audience questions. Thoughtful and relevant questions help heat up the interest. You shouldn’t always implement precisely what people say, but you’d better involve them. Let them talk, argue, hang out and spend their time in your “house”.

5. Go Crazy! 
Out of the box ideas — Take the secondary market to the next level! Spur the profiteering spirit of your fans, let them sell the part of your tickets. How about a tickets stock exchange? Have you hear about a MLM ticket sales promotions? Neither have we! But when someone is the first to do it, it creates a huge buzz.