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Hat Collecting is a weekly video talk show and podcast about the many different metaphorical hats we wear in life. Because no one does just one thing and everyone has a story!

Each episode, host Lacey Artemis interviews a different person to learn about what they do, how they go into it, what they’ve learned and what advice they have. Lacey asks each guest the same basic set of questions each time so we get unique takes on the same ideas from each guest.

We all collect hats as we go through life. What hats have you collected?

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The purpose of the show is to highlight the guest and learn from their experiences. We ask them about the projects they’re currently working on, what they wanted to be when they grew up, figuring things out, mental health struggles, schedules, oddities, and more. …

Heya folks, just to put it up front none of these albums or bands are actually real. They’re all designs I made for fun, and decided to take it a step further and write fake album reviews too. Because fiction writing is fun!

With that said, I hope you enjoy, and hey if anyone actually decides to use any of these names/titles, let me know!

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Ashes of Angels — Self Titled (New Dawn Records)

First up on the docket, we have the self-titled debut from Ashes of Angels, a west-boast based post rock quartet. The album features just 8 tracks but you will feel you got your money’s worth! As we all know when there’s no vocals the music needs to be very compelling and AoA delivers with intricate yet not overwhelming instrumentation as well as melodies that are uplifting and at times tastefully haunting. …

Ice Hockey and Heavy Metal are special interests of mine. Wrestling isn’t necessarily, but it is

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This was the first design idea that I had. I challenged myself to try to match specific subgenres of heavy metal to specific wrestlers, based on various factors. It was more challenging since I haven’t really followed wrestling since the early 2000s, and I mostly followed the WWE and not really its competitors.

Nevertheless, above is what I came up with.

Death Metal — Goldberg
Progressive Death Metal — Triple H
Hardcore — Rhyno
Grindcore — Ken Shamrock
Deathcore — Tazz
Thrash Metal — The Road Warriors
Doom Metal — Viscera (slow, dark, heavy)
Funeral Doom — The Undertaker
Sludge Metal — Kane (his theme song basically is sludge metal)
Horror Metal — The Fiend (OK, not really a genre, but I took some creative license)
Industrial Metal — The Brood
Post Metal — Mankind
Goth Metal — Goldust
Black Metal — Willow the wisp
Nu Metal — Degeneration X
Prog Metal — Bret Hart (he was the “excellence of execution” after all)
Rap Metal — John Cena
Djent — The Hardy Boyz
Glam Metal — Ric Flair (or alternatively Chris Jericho)
Power Metal — The Ultimate Warrior
Pop Metal — The Dudley Boyz (or alternatively, The Rock)
Classic Metal — Hulk Hogan
Southern Metal — Stone Cold Steve Austin
Jazz Fusion Metal — Rob Van…


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