I Got An Orchiectomy, Here’s What It Was Like

Lacey Artemis
Aug 24 · 17 min read

CONTENT NOTE: mentions of and discussions of various surgeries, but nothing in graphic detail. This article is mostly about the recovery process.

Side Note: Unless you’ve been given permission, it is extremely uncouth to ask a trans person if they’ve had surgery, so pretty much don’t do that.

an illustrated image showing a common method for performing an orchiectomy. However, this was not how mine was performed.

Fun Fact — trans women’s genitals tend to shrink while on hormone replacement therapy, whereas trans men’s genitals tend to grow larger. (Breasts are not technically genitals, they have just been over-sexualized to the point that most people think of them as genitals)

an illustration of where and what the inguinal canals are

Lacey Artemis

Written by

perpetually curious, creatively inclined social introvert. transgender & neurodivergent. she/her www.artemiscreates.com

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