Life is a jungle where beauty, uncertainty and danger lie at every turn

La Marche du Zambèze roughly translated means “walking the Zambeze.” One can imagine a picturesque, and breathtaking walk along the river bank of one of South Africa’s largest rivers.

La Marche du Zambeze is one of Hermes most beautiful scarfs and a very thoughtful gift I received by a very special friend, we will call John. It speaks to my life’s journey in a very intimate way. Taking a closer look, it’s artistic message is symbolic of a beautiful yet unpredictable journey through the vast Savannah, aka., life. The river lands of the Zambeze, the flora and fauna silhouette sprinkled throughout are inspiring and encouraging as the journey of life continues. The various animals represent strength, power, family, comradery, determination while simultaneously unnerving fears of being hunted, stomped, and preyed upon!

This is my first blog post. In the days ahead I will share with you my life’s journey. How I went from one shitty job to another starting in early adolescence to being the millionaire wife of a start-up entrepreneur. Mother of 2 beautiful boys under 5, and a successful career woman with many hopes and dreams!

My view of life is a bit unconventional. I am very much aware we are living in a 4.5 billion year old planet within a 14 billion year old universe, where our life expectancy is nothing more than a blink of an eye — to be precise, according to the United States government that life expectancy is 79. Life is short and precious to live it in mediocracy or worse yet, oblivion. I hope to inspire you or at the very least entertain you through my stories.

7 months ago I was at one of my lowest points in life. I was recovering from having lost my best friend to cancer. I was consumed with finding treatment options for my newly ASD (autism spectrum disorder) diagnosed son. I was in an emotionally disconnected, status-quo type of marriage and was utterly lonely. I was screaming inside to find an end to it all. I had to make a drastic change — there was simply no other way.

In a moment of despair I “whispered” (, an app where people communicate their most inner thoughts anonymously) to the universe “I can’t do it anymore. I’ve been strong for too long. I am barely holding on.” In that moment a complete stranger felt my anguish and responded with great sincerity, concern, empathy, and kindness. A complete stranger that from miles across the country held me with his words and encouraged me daily to keep trekking down the savanna.

Sometimes life seems obscure and happiness like a complete abstract concept … Or perhaps we live in oblivion without even giving this moment in time a second thought. I learned to be open to the possibilities the universe presents everyday. For me this opportunity that helped me find a ray of light was found in a perfect stranger who later turned into a friend and gifted me a beautiful Hermes scarf. Thank you, John!

La Marche du Zambèze continues. Life doesn’t stop for anyone. It’s our choice to continue, slow the pace, an often times allow a caring soul to hold us, encourage and inspire us. La Marche du Zambeze will take many twists and turns. There will be beauty and there will be predators. But it continues …

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