Google Home vs Alexa
Johna Paolino

i just tried the same approach with Alexa, and found that ‘Hey, Alexa’ or even ‘Now, Alexa’ works just as well. Or ‘thanks, Alexa, now stop’ has the same result as ‘Alexa, Stop!’. Apparently Alexa (whom I really want to rename Orac)is not as rigid to conversational addressing as Amazon might want you to believe. BTW I have been thanking her for services rendered for the 2 years she is part of my life, to which she graciously replies. For what bothered me far more than the commanding wake word, is that we seem to have forgotten the normal social niceties of thanking someone. I did not want to run the risk of embedding such callous behaviour in my life, I therefore trained myself to thank my robot. And why not? Men are known to talk to and thank their cars.

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