How to Pause and Resume Animation in SwiftUI (with chaining)

SwiftUI doesn’t have built-in functionality to pause/resume animations. The same is true for animation chaining. So let’s see how we can solve this


Stop/Resume animations

To stop the animation, we can use a zero-length animation and the current value of the property being animated

withAnimation(.easeInOut(duration: 0)) {
propertyValue = propertyCurrentValue

To resume just run the same animation but the duration must be calculated as totalDuration-(pausedTime-startedTime)

withAnimation(.easeInOut(duration: remainingTime)) {
propertyValue = propertyFinalValue

Such logic can be encapsulated in an AnimatableModifier and easily applied to any property we want to stop/resume

.offset(x: xOffset)
propertyValue: $xOffset,
propertyFinalValue: 100,
duration: 0.5


Imagine we have a complex animation consisting of many animations with different durations, intervals, start and end times

But they can be anchored to the “parent” animation timeline. In this case, Total Duration is the duration of the complex animation. The Current Time is a kind of player timer. When we pause a player, it stops counting, if we press play it will keep counting

Each animation (AnimatableModifier) should calculate or receive the Current Time value and run if the Current Time == startTime. I think updating the Current Time (scheduling) is a good job for a manager. Summarising, updating the Current Time is necessary at the pause and startTime of each animation


PauseModifierManager was created to manage complex animations. You can use multiple managers on one screen. The current implementation loops animations, but it’s easy to modify. maxTime can be bigger than Total Duration depending on your needs

@ObservedObject private var animationManager = PauseModifierManager(maxTime: 5)

“Child” animations must be created by the manager

propertyValue: $xOffset,
propertyFinalValue: 100,
startTime: 2.3,
endTime: 3.1

The illustration below describes how the PauseModifierManager works internally
Welcome to read the source code!



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