Typical fraud schemes.

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One of the main indicators of management’s theft in a company is life beyond means. You can do an easy exercise: compare the salary of your Top and the assets, that he owns. In most cases, you will immediately understand everything.

It’s only necessary to figure out the scheme…

The most popular types of fraudulent operations remain:

  • misappropriation of the assets;
  • - financial statements distortion;
  • - corruption.
  • But the ways (or rather- schemes) of fraudsters work in mysterious ways. Their diversity is off scale, but the most unpleasant thing is that the new ones are constantly emerging. It’s like a hole in the roof- you can cover over one, but sooner or later it will begin to leak in another place. The only way to avoid problems is to always stay vigilant.
  • Below are the number of other fraudulent schemes that are not described above in industry-specific cases, but which you should also pay attention to, since in different configurations they are applicable almost everywhere, where there is something to profit from at the expense of someone else’s business.


Top managers cooperate with medium-level managers, using their reputation. Also, the managers of one company cooperate with the managers of another one. Schemes of “organized groups” of fraudsters cause undeniable damage to the company, and the average level of such damage is always higher, than if the fraud was committed by one person without such cooperation.

Remember, that fraud cannot be eradicated; it can be minimized by strengthening the internal control system.

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