Best “Monday” of the year

Have you ever think that today, 1st of January, is the best “Monday” of the year? The best regular “Monday” of the year?

Why “Monday” you might ask? Because people tend to start something new next Monday. They tend to change themselves next Monday. They want to be better, but on next Monday. It’s easier to use your willpower on Monday.
Why regular? It takes place on the 1st of January. Every single year, just like Mondays are in every week.
Why the best? Well, on Monday you have desire and willpower to do something. But it’s 100x stronger during New Year. We have dreams, goals, and desires… to become better, achieve our wildest dreams and just be better. Well, there is a small problem there. Willpower is your weak point. Eventually, sooner or later (usually sooner) it will be drained and you will abandon everything you were doing. You will abandon better you.

But there is good news here — we can use this moment as an advantage.
Yes, willpower has limited resources, but willpower could help us achieve our short-term goals. And it would be the key — we should not stick to our will, but rather create a habit. And create it now, not tomorrow or… next Monday.

Habits, not willpower, will carry you in the long run. Tony Robbins, Tim Ferris and other top performers backed this idea a long time ago. And we should too. Change the behavior and stick to your habits.

Your dreams and goals — they are somewhere in front of us. But we are thinking about them without context. We’re seeing them as a result. As something whole. But the truth is that we’re missing important part here — goals are just the direction, but the real challenges and changes are happening along the road. The process is the king. Our trip is what important.

So, we should use our limited resources and do the following steps (while we are still motivated and in the mood):
0) Create a list of goals and dreams, even the wildest ones. My wife and I do it every year just couple hours before the midnight — we’re checking the old goals and write the new ones. It helps us see what we achieved and want we could do better next year.
1) Aside your goals write the list of actions you need to do to achieve them. We need to know the context, what should we do and how to go forward.
2) Swap your goals with these actions and step on the long road of changes. It harder than it looks on the paper, but it worth it. When you are doing actions and not rushing the goals you’re free from pressure and deadlines.
3) Adopt useful and positive habits you will acquire during your trip. And you will as long as you will truly do what you planned and enjoy the process.

Some of the habits might not stick. Some roads will end in the dead end. But some of them will stick and will stay. That’s our goal. By adopting one good change we will pull good things into our lives. We need positive and successful change to get that feeling of success and better version of you.

Here where the magic happens — you will start doing more to become an even better version of yourself. And you will like that feeling, like the progress and like the process. Not the goals or willpower. Those are just tools. Stick to habits and processes.

365 looks like a lot, but it’s not true. It will fly fast, so make those days count. Get the best out of it. Have a nice New Year!