Who Says You Should Go Home?
Don Becker

Mr. Becker:

Please read my detailed response on Facebook.

To simplify things…….Barclay’s is KAPUT!!!! As far as ANY hockey goes.*

There are two reasons:

  1. Least important….there is no middle ground. The Islanders want more guaranteed money and Barclay’s wants.
  2. Most important….Proprokov & Ratner before him have been trying to sell Barclay’s for more than two years. The most interested potential buyer has been the company that runs the arenas in California. They are still interested but over a year ago took what they said was “a step back”. Two of that company’s (Sorry, it’s 3 letters, but the name escapes me.) executives who were negotiating the deal had a presser where they said “We do not think the Islander deal can ever work. We do not want ANY hockey team in Barclay’s.” At this time, Proprokov has potential buyers and investors lined up looking at Barclay’s. None will move forward with Islanders as tenants. All this has been reported in the NY Post Business Section, the WSJ, LA Times business section and the Canadian media.

3. Where does the Coliseum fit in? As late as November, Islander execs were at the Coliseum. Prior to that Islander owners had met with Proprokov. The Isles owners showed zero interest in returning to the Coliseum. Proprokov does not want the Isles to have a brand new building as competition. It seems he has lost that battle. The November meeting, I have not been told this part, may have been discussions about the Islanders playing at the Coliseum while the their arena is being built.

4. Recently, I’ve been told that the Islanders are moving rapidly on this issue. Also, I have been told that Cuomo is on record as saying he wants the Islanders at Belmont.

5. Your description of the beautiful, well planned, minor league arena in Uniondale is spot on. It is minor league and is a white elephant.

6. What I have given you is factual. However, as always, with the Islanders ANYTHING can happen. But I will say this. Since last August both Islanders owners have been telling everyone and their brother that the team is returning to LI. They have often told small groups of people not concerned with who heard them. Garth Snow has also told close friends that “We will be playing on LI in 3 years.”

I appreciated your piece, but can tell you that a return to Barclay’s for any length of time, even with a new rent deal, is not in the works and not likely to be.

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