Mr. Becker:
Art Feeney

Thanks for your reply Mr. Becker. All I can say that people who should know & recent articles in the media have stated that Proprokov has potential buyers and investors(did not mention them by name) for Barclay’s.

I have know for a long time that Ratner & the Proprokov were told by AEG that they are stepping back, but are still interested in buying the arena. However, the main stumbling block was the not just the Isles deal, but that AEG wanted no hockey team at Barclay’s. The fact that they were miles apart is true, but price negotiations were put on hold for as long as the Isles are tenants. I think if you check with various business media or go directly to the AEG execs who were negotiating the deal, you will find that to be the case. AEG management went public with this position over a year ago. I doubt there is any chance of the Islanders remaining at Barclay’s for any long period of time.

Your point regarding Ledecky, Malkin, to a lesser extent Snow telling anyone who will listen is well taken. However, the point is owners doing something like that is quite unusual. Especially seeing that , in almost all cases, the Isles owners brought the subject up themselves. CEOs & business owners don’t negotiate that way. If this was just an attempt to gain leverage, Ledecky/Malkin would have gone through the media or more likely directly to Proprokov. Telling the fans/public have buys them nothing. If you like your apartment and want to renew your lease, you go to the landlord and try to make a deal. The Isles have not done that. If you don’t like your apartment, you don’t bother trying to renegotiate your lease, you go looking for another apartment and that is what the Isles have done.

The key point in the negotiations is that both parties want a better deal. Neither is happy.

I agree with your point on the Coliseum. If I’m Proprokov & you’re leaving me..I don’t make it easier for you. As far as the 5 arena thing goes, there will only be four. The Coliseum is a white elephant. They are getting good acts now. But it is a minor league facility with no anchor tenant. It will not survive even if the NYIs remain in Brooklyn. The recent slow down & potential increase in housing as part of the project is what the TOH & Nassau party bosses have wanted all along. For all we know this is the beginning of the end of the Coliseum. Both Sloan/Kettering & Hofstra have expressed interest in buying the Coliseum.

I was a season ticket holder until this season. Started in ‘72…only 10 game plan last year. We agree one thing 100%. Anything can happen with this franchise. I’m 99% sure that Barclay’s out. But if tomorrow I read that the Islanders signed a 100 year lease at Barclay’s…it wouldn’t surprise me. Winning the Cup this year (HAH!) might be the only thing that would surprise me.

I’m sure we agree we’d like this resolved ASAP. But if it hasn’t been determined where the Isles will have a permanent home for decades, why now? Why ever?

If everything we both have written was off by 10000 miles, it would just be par for the course.

Hang in there as the soap opera continues.

Art Feeney

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