Arthur Jones… Domestic Man of Mystery

Arthur Jones, Arthur Franklin Jones III, Art Jones, “Artie Fartie”, Arthur “Adonix” Jones, “ DJ Frankie J,” “Boomaloo”. Yes thats BOO-MA-LOU

As I write this, I’m caught in a perplexed state. Many of you, have realistically only experienced me, rather than know me. Experience, meaning, you’ve been in the same room as me, heard me talk, heard my unique sense of humor, heard a story or two and now you know me. But you don’t.

Some of you have seen me grow, see me fall, succeed, and you think you know me. You know of my story but still there’s missing links.

A younger Arthur. ( mom hates this photo)

Before answering the required questions, let me tell you a few things about Arthur.

I struggled with writing as a younger child, however my oratory skills seemed to be stellar, I think I can give credit to both of my parents because they both love to talk but my dad can tell a story like no other. Somehow it passed on to me. I was labeled as smart but not creative, and now in college I see how I am creative, especially by overcoming tasks that I just can not solve the “traditional” way. I’ve always been good at finding things , which somehow evolved into my detailed orientated nature. I guess that came from finding batteries when I wanted to play with my GameBoy as a child.

‘95-’96 Arthur and Grandma Lilah

I attribute my interpersonal skills to my grandmother. I know she’ll never see this post unless I show it to her, but the work she and my parents put into raising me, blossomed but everyday I, like any human ask, “ Am I doing enough?” Enough of what you ask?

Helping my community/ fellow man.

Leaving a legacy.

Making my family proud.

Supporting causes near and dear to my heart.

Enjoying life.

Loving myself and others.

Being a better man.

Living a Godly life.

Suppressing my human needs for substance.

I’ve always had a thing for visuals/ movies. However I have never been an artist until now.

Goodnight MKE, a photo project done by Arthur J.

I can’t tell you much because each day I am still figuring out who Arthur is. What he wants out of life. What is needed for him to survive. What is needed for him to function. How hot he likes the apartment to be? How much coffee he will drink today? Will I take this selfie? Bow tie or Tie clip? Cardigan or Blazer?

The choices are endless with me.

I’ve always been stylish. Me and cousin, Denise.
Here too. Easter sunday ‘96–97

I guess what I am trying to get at is that I am Arthur, a ball of personality, genuine, innovate, an underdog trying to make it to the top, one step at a time.

I wear many hats but one thing I will always be is a storyteller.

My father’s mother, jokingly said, “ a good storyteller is a [hell of] a liar.” She said this because she looked at my progress report and saw that my teacher commented that I told good stories.

It matriculated too because in high school, that was the reason why I wanted to be in charge of the yearbook, why I was so diligent in ensuring my audience would be able to relate to what I had to say. However when I got to college, my dream went out of the door. A freshman, a journalism major, quickly found out my relationship with the audience had to be severed and I could no longer tell the stories I want.

I had to leave everything that made me a great storyteller out the door and still want to tell stories.

“Da’ Hell with that. ”

Arthur and friends with the guards in Morocco.

Being one with my audience is the reason I write, because I know I am not the only one out there. I write because I know my audience is too shy to talk about what this ball of personality isn’t. However with any form of medium there is a fine line when it comes to ethics and you cross it when you intentionally hurt someone or carelessly oversee a detail.

Bottom line: Personal is too personal when you forget that you are a human engaging with your fellow humans rather than a reporting robot.

I’m a modern day folklore, who has an infinite amount of stories, both small and large and hopes that one day the media will reach a point where we can still be accurate, ethical but relatable, enjoyable and available to everyone of all walks of life.

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