Dating Online : An Untold Journey

Art Jones
Art Jones
Mar 17, 2015 · 4 min read

It’s a new year and I am challenging myself to write a bit more this year and get some ideas out of my big head.

My best friend, Kia, and I had a heart to heart about loving ourselves and learning to be more of an adult but more of a child and to learn about the power of healing.

BUT during our discussion, she asked, How long have you been dating?

Taboo question for the king of the nerds.

No you did not Miss Thing...

With her being my best friend I confided in her and promised her that I would talk about it, so HERE IT GOES.

Many people don’t know this, BUT I actively date online.

Mom, if you are reading this, save both of us some time and just close your browser.

Alright, back to this story

Me: Homework is done. Dinner is made. I have some free time, why not check OkCupid?

  • Logs in
  • Welcome, rudeB0y1, you have 0 new visitors.
Really now?

No new visitors huh? Might need to buy a boost. $1 later, 25 people are checking me out.

I’ll be honest, I’ve been dating/ using online sources for meeting people for sometime now, and I have ran into many different situations

  • seeing people I know, include past lovers and high school acquaintances
  • seeing people I have seen on campus, hoping to bridge the divide between people whom I have yet to meet
  • seeing people I have seen in public places ( like the mall I work at) and then getting to know them [ got a good story about this one]
  • seeing people I did not know and building relationships ( platonic and non-platonic)

And of course, my favorite, the crazies.

Yes, the crazies, the girls who seem nice, and after one drink or a week without talking to them, you’re everything to them but what your “mama” named you.

But dating online is something that just millennials do right?

No. Not really.

I know a few people who are older than me and who have found love online, married people they have met online and have kids with people they met online.

But let me go further into time and tell you about the love stories that are a part of my life.

My mom’s parents, met at work one day, dated, had children and loved while it lasted.

My father’s parents, the same, and they’re conjoined at the hip. Literally when one is sick, so is the other.

My parents, grew up four blocks away from one another, my mom said my dad was “ funny looking,” yet somehow he won her over and I have two baby siblings.

Me though, different story.

Constantly dating around, trying to find out more about myself, what I like and who I can withstand for a long period of time.

But thank God for dating online, because the moment I get bored, I whip out the 6-Plus and find someone new to take out to some of my fav. spots in MKE.

However I want to digress into something more important: it is okay to date online.

As Americans we spend a ton of time, going to school, to the point where our European counterparts look at as crazy as we journey to college right after high school. We spend a heck of a lot of time, perfecting our craft, engaging more in our field, gaining more classroom time to ensure that we have the labels needed to succeed in our field, and technology at our fingers.

Thank you Spongebob.

So why not use the technologies that we have to find more people and through organic experiences to connect. I want you, my audience, to realize I say find, yet to still use those interpersonal skills that we have learned in our youth to connect and to find the things that we want in life including: love.

    Art Jones

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    Art Jones

    All opinions are that of my own.

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