St. Paul Salmon Sandwich- Surprisingly Scrumptious

Art Jones
Art Jones
Dec 15, 2014 · 3 min read

I’ve been to the Public Market, a million and one times. Not literally, more like ten.

Every time I go, it’s crowded, people are everywhere, however that does not bother me. What bothers me is the fact that I can not try all of the spreads that each vendor has to offer. Even though I have eaten from at least six of the places and love them more and more each day.

Before writing, I want to reflect upon my history with food.

As a child growing up, things were hard to come by, but one thing that was not was food.

I was a fairly small child up until around age 3, maybe 4. Somehow in my life, I discovered what food was, textures, flavors and I surely liked it. My mom blames it on my father’s mother, my father blames it on my mother’s father, and I blame it on pure curiosity. However food was comforting. Sundays meant big meals after church including macaroni and cheese, greens, black eye peas and sometimes Popeyes, because no one felt like frying chicken for ten people.

However, the proverb that I always kept with me was the fact that my mother consistently said,” Whatever I eat, my kids eat.”

Earth to mom, you should’ve never said that.

So I grew up a spoiled Chicago foodie, who munched on Chicago Hot Dogs for snacks, loved the decadence of Chicago Classic Pizza, and knew that I liked my Italian Beefs, wet, with no peppers. However I would also eat things like Paella, Shrimp Scampi and Fillet mignon, all thanks to Momma Jones.

As we sit here writing, we are with Milwaukee’s own Lori Fredrich, also known as Lo. Before heading off, I grilled Lo, and admitted that when reading about her and her work, I became excited, like when Grandma Lilah would bring out a pan of hot macaroni and cheese.

Questions included:

Do you still speak Latin?

Where did the nickname “Peef” come from?

What about Milwaukee made you stay?

Upcoming projects?

I think at the end of the Q&A she thought I was a bonafide stalker. But isn’t every great publisher/ journalist/ writer?

Part I: A new sandwich

St. Paul’s Fish Market, founded in 2005, has some of the freshest fish in the area. They do wholesale when it comes to selling their best catches but they also has a kitchen with a pretty mean menu.

I’ve had a plethora of the menu as well, including the famous Fish Fry, 13.95 Lobster Dinner and the gumbo.

However today I decided to do something different, to try this Salmon sandwich with sautéed spinach and bacon.


However, I did not make this decision alone, I actually was recommended it by Maurisco, one of the Fish Mongers who works at St. Paul.

Part II: Meet Maurisco


He’s been working at St. Paul for seven years, and found the job from one of his friends. He previously worked at a restaurant, had fallen into hard times, and needed a new job to support his family. And the rest is history. He actually recently started becoming a monger, from learning from Tim and the rest of the crew from St. Paul’s.

So when he told me to try the Salmon Sandwich, I felt as though he had enough credentials to tell me what to eat.

And boy was he right, that S#!$ was good.

The bread was soft, the salmon was well cooked, the spinach, extravagant and bacon, well you have to live a little right?

All served with fries, my arch nemesis and lover at the same time.

Would I come back ? Yes.

Would I want more fries? Yes.

Would I want Lori to come with? Of course.

This was a great experience and I loved the fact I got to use the skills I take for granted to connect with new people.

Cheers mates!

Art Jones

Written by

Art Jones

All opinions are that of my own.

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