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Some people do not know this, but my one flaw is I struggle with studying.

As as child, I never really had to study. My instincts always kicked in when it came to doing tests, maybe it was because of the fact that my interpersonal skills kicked in and I learned from my colleagues’ mistakes. Maybe it was the fact that I was good at taking my educational bases and reapplying them to new situations as I progressed in school.

Somehow I made it though and I will make it again.

However to this day, studying on a collegiate level is practically a full time job, where one has to not just sit through the lecture/ discussion but also engage with the material in a way that aids you in retaining the information.

For me though studying takes form in different forms depending on which subject it is. For example, when it comes to my Arabic Literature class, I have been trying a new technique, called “Sketchnotes”, in which I draw and write out the information that my professor stresses. I also tend to write in short hand and in small fragments than whole sentences.

Example of a Sketchnote for my Arabic class.

I then try to sit in quiet areas and recall the information which because of the visuals and my “unique” drawing skills. I never try to work on a particular assignment for more than 45 minutes without taking a break and I usually like some noise to help me “ screen out” the other distractions around me. To me this helps with my test anxiety because no matter what others are doing, I still can produce content and move forwards while others do what they need to do.

According to the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, a trade school, students need variation in their study spaces. Some students prefer areas with sound, like me, to weed out the things around them, some prefer quiet spaces like Student A, however some prefer privacy like Student B.

Student B’s photo is actually a relic from the U-W Madison library where graduate students could lock themselves in “cages” to study/ work for extensive amount of times.

Student A seems to like the quiet life.
But I should be studying in areas like this.

Here at Marquette, we have similar spaces but they are only checked out to graduate students, unlike myself.

I’m hoping that this year, the cogs will finally turn and that I can finally be on the Dean’s List and attribute that solely to my sketches. However studying has no one form. It differs from person to person and if anyone would like some help in finding some information, I would start here. I read most of the resources Darmouth had which made me re-analyze the way I studied, along with the youtube video that was a requirement for this course. All in all, I’m an interpersonal studier who’s awaiting the day I can get a key to one of these cages and somehow master the art of studying.

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