No One Here Gets Out Alive!

You know, no one here gets out alive, don’t you Johnny?

“But brother, I have travelled thousands of miles to get here. Even you have accompanied me this far. Why are you backing out now?”

I agree Johnny. But I just feel its too risky now. What if they see us?

“I don’t care Georgie. I know I ain’t a part of this band, but I’ve idolised them my entire life. And I’m finally standing backstage. All I want to do is go out there on the stage, face the crowd for five seconds and just come back. I just want to share the stage with them, even if it’s the last thing I do. Please, just for five seconds Georgie!!”

I don’t have a good feeling about this Johnny. You know what, I’ll just stay here. Why don’t you just go have your moment. Do whatever you want to. Make a fool of yourself in front of thousands of people, and keep a memory of it! This is just insane. I can’t believe I agreed to come with you in the first place.

”Oh please brother, count on me. Our world is hostile as it is. The end is unpredictable. And nearer than you think. Do you not dream of a moment in the sun? A moment like this?

There used to be a time I did. But not any more. Remember how mother died in quest of her “moment?”

“We all gotta go someday Georgie. She taught us how to be courageous. This is going to be legendary! And we can cherish this experience all our life. These are the greatest artists in the world!”

I’m still not going out there. You go. All the best! Cherish the moment! Be a rockstar! Bring home a groupie!

“Come on, brother. This is no time for sarcasm or sentimentality. Can’t you feel the thrill already? Listen to the sounds. Alright, if you don’t wanna come, fine! I’m going there anyway. Bye.”

Bye. Be careful, Johnny. I’ll just wait here.

Johnny came out from behind the curtains.

Reached the centre of the stage.

Faced the thousands of people.

1 sec




Five seconds…

Johnny stood there for five seconds, stared at a million suns and hurriedly ran back to his brother, behind the curtains.

We better run, Johnny. I guess the cops are coming after you.

“I don’t think they saw me. It was the best feeling in the world! Can you believe I was an inch away from Jimmy fuckin’ Page? That too when he started the guitar solo of Stairway to Heaven. It was magical!! I’m the luckiest mouse in the whole world!”

The two mice scampered back to their holes, carrying with them a story that would leave hundreds of mice stunned, in the generations to come.

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