Dunno, when i wrote that, i used the latest versions of packages, not just as in your article)
Constantine Mazur

I think you missed my post where I said it’s because of the edits to systemjs.config.json.

I’m positive that the steps written in the article as of now makes everything work as expected, because I just double-checked it with the latest files, went through all the steps, created a new project, and was able to get the output.

Which is why I added, “if nothing else, please retry the quick start from step 1 in an entirely new project”. The only change I had to do was actually take the latest systemjs.config.js from the original 5 minute quick start to get my older version working.

Only yesterday I learnt about gists on medium so I’ve replaced most of the code snippets with github gists, which is the change I’ve done to my post. Please do try and let me know what happens.

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