Changed it to rc3 and still nothing ) The only difference i can find now is about package versions.
Constantine Mazur

Okay, I’m not exactly sure what you expect me to do here. I’ve had another look at the post, I’ve retraced the steps to create the same project with the same output, and everything’s fine. I can keep pointing you to the changes, but nothing seems to come out of it.

If you are interested, I would request you to dump your current project and return to step 0 of the tutorial and go through the steps one more time, and see if it makes a difference. Sometimes a clean environment and starting from scratch helps.

I would also advise you to not install packages on your own, but stick to the versions/instructions provided here. Although usually it doesn’t matter much, it might help in some rare cases.

Let me know what you want to do and what comes out of it. Regardless, thank you for taking the time to reach out to me, it’s very valuable.


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