By Julio Escarce

May 5, 2016

She’s going away soon

May 16th.

May 16th.


May 16th.

I won’t see her for a while

Tonight I told her that I’d try to erase her from my mind

While she’s gone,

And when she comes back

I’ll remember her

And it’ll be like she was always there

And I had just forgotten to look

Like that painting my aunt made for me

That sits above my bed

I don’t see it for pieces of time

I forget it

But when I see it again…

My aunt died almost a year ago

I remember standing outside Hlemmur Square Hostel

Singing to her

(Singing) : happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to you

It was the last song she heard

The people in the room with her tell me it made her happy

A few hours later,

She fell asleep.

May 16th.

May 16th.

Forgetting her won’t be easy.

I wish she’d leave me a painting too.