By Julio Escarce

Strange horses

Just passing by



Eating stir fry

Perfect hair

Plaid is everywhere these days

Nothing is sacred to the lesbians anymore

She hesitantly eats

Her hot food

The tendons in her neck bounce softly

As she chews

My friends are so hot

I like looking

Into Saisha’s eyes

Eye contact is the best

Hot damn

Dani says

She is the auburn light of our lives

I love the way Saisha smiles

And rubs the underside of her nose

Pushing it upwards

Crinkling it

She’s beautiful

Her eyes smile

Ahead of the rest of her face

And pull her happiness forward

Into my eyes

It’s great

And her shoulders bounce

As she brightly suppresses her laughter

And she tweaks her cheeks where they meet her lips

Like paraplegic marionettes

She’s stretchy

And squints

Like a dream is trickling out and up

Into the air

Go on Saisha

Go on