Learning has Changed: Have You?

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“Experience has long been considered the best teacher of knowledge. Since we cannot experience everything, other people’s experiences, and hence other people, become the surrogate for knowledge” (Siemens, 2005).

Not long ago, education experts thought we learned in one of three different ways:

• Behaviourism

• Cognitivism

• Constructivism

In behaviourism, information is viewed as something external, and learning happens when we interact with the world. In cognitivism, reality is interpreted through experiences. Lastly, in constructivism, knowledge is negotiated and built internally.

These three models have been the predominant learning models for quite a few years. …

A Short Guide for Reaching Your Writing Goals

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  1. Always start with your best, especially in expository writing. Hook your readers from the beginning and take them with you on a journey.

2. The opening paragraph, sentence, word — is the most essential part of your text. It sets the stage for what´s to follow in your text, so don´t disappoint them.

3. The difference between a new writer and a successful writer is a simple measure: how well do you engage your readers? Do you write about topics they find interesting? Do you write in a way that keeps their eyes on the page?

4. Show don´t tell…

How Did One Man Set the Middle East Ablaze?

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It was in August 1990 when the news broke: Iraq invaded Kuwait. Saddam Hussein led the invasion, a man who justified the destruction by claiming Kuwait, “was an artificial state carved out of the Iraqi coast by Western colonialists”.

One of Saddam’s biggest miscalculations was his judgement of how nearby countries would react. Saddam believed that they would support him; but instead of amiable support, he created a state of fear — most of the Arab league requested assistance from western leaders.

Even more concerning was the fact that Saddam did…

What No One is Telling You

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Ever read those articles on Medium which claim the world and teach nothing? I saw one recently which claims to teach people to write like J. K. Rowling in 487 words.

There are great resources out there, but good articles, books, courses, even university programmes repeat the same doctrines:

  • Read Strunk and White
  • Read a lot
  • Write a lot

That’s basically it. What you read is determined by what you want to write. Want to write poetry? Read as much poetry as you can. Want to write novels? Read all the novels you can get your hands on.

Now, let’s…

How to Hook and Keep Your Readers

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In this article, you will learn why 99% of articles written are incorrectly structured, leading to fewer people reading your articles from start to finish. I will tell you what you can do to boost your viewings and to increase the amount of time people read your articles.

Most people write in a way that is used in fiction novels or other forms of creative writing. They start off writing about something that seems fairly important, which is why people initially click through to start reading, but instead of giving their readers what they want, they feed them 1000 words…

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Rigid and cold, I sat in the ice cave, surrounded by crystals; how easily I could see through them, their emptiness, merely reflecting what they were not.

I searched, longing for warmth, longing for substance. In a crevice, I found something, radiant, a burning piece of amber. It wasn’t transparent like the others. It was rich: rich with colour, rich with power.

I sat there and gazed at its beauty — its inner universe of galaxies, of yellows and oranges, bursting within. Something appeared. Slowly, I could see. There I was: happy, bright, glowing, warm.

Enchanted, I wondered if this…

Love, Tajine, and Rustic Routes

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On Saturday, I will begin my journey to Tangier, Morocco. Although this will be my third visit, it is going to be my most nerve-wracking.

This time, I’m not only going for the views, or even the food — I’m going to propose.

Somaya and I met almost four years ago in a WhatsApp group for learning Spanish, and it was clear there was something special between us as soon as we started talking.

Not long after we first connected, I went to China to work as an English teacher for about one year. …

What the Queen, Donald Trump and My Dog Taught Me About Writing

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I rescued Scooby, a lovely black and brown Yorkshire terrier, after he was found being used as a drug mule.

Apparently, airport security knew something was up when they heard an odd sound: they saw a man sliding a ballooned dog along the floor, and no matter how slowly he pulled the dog, he couldn’t hide the rubbery screech.

While security searched the owner, I gave the dog a sandwich I saved from my flight (airplane food has always cleared my intestines) two minutes later the dog seemed…

Shaun Gurmin

I’m a copywriter and short story writer from the UK. I love writing, travelling, and learning Spanish.

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