I graduated from a coding Bootcamp (Flatiron School) ~4 months ago and have been applying to jobs.

Last week, I got an offer for an unpaid internship at a very early stage startup. Despite many of the posts I read on Reddit advising against taking an unpaid internship, I decided to take the position. I wanted to share why I decided it might be a good idea for me based on my professional experience and the current times. Also, the internship lasts for a little over four months.

Reasons why you shouldn’t take an unpaid internship

  1. Unpaid internships don’t lead to jobs according to “data”.
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Looking at this chart, it doesn’t really look like unpaid internships lead to job offers. Also, apparently, the data shows that unpaid interns actually make less money when they do get jobs than people who never had…

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OAuth 2!


I spent a decent amount of time trying to get OAuth working for a writing application that integrates Google Drive API. I ran into a bunch of problems with CORS and decided to do some research about what exactly CORS is. I also learned a lot about how to properly make a request to an OAuth server from a browser. If you’ve been struggling with CORS and OAuth 2.0, you might find some of this stuff helpful.

Same Origin Policy

Really quick, before we go into why we need CORS, we need to know about the Same Origin Policy.

ALL requests made by the browser are made using the Same Origin Policy, (except for a few methods that we’ll cover later). …

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Alright, this week I just want to share Immer’s produce function and how we can use it to make our Redux reducer’s look cleaner.

If you’ve worked with Redux, I’m sure you’ve seen this sort of syntax in your reducer…

When we want to modify a nested property, we have to use the spread operator to construct the same state, and then once we get to the nested property, in this case, players, we can make whatever change we need.

Wouldn’t it be much nicer if we can just modify the state directly like so?

Yes, it would, but we can’t do this sort of thing because React and Redux use Immutable data types. Basically, immutable data is data that can’t be changed or mutated. So any time we want to change data in React, we simply assign it an entirely new object. …


Arthur Song

Flatiron School Graduate, React.js, NodeJS, Ruby on Rails Developer, Learning Enthusiast

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